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Massev Productions and Twizted Lens Media Acquires GRIND

KANSAS CITY (September 6, 2020)- Massev Productions with Twizted Lens media announced today that they acquired the contract for the reality series GRIND, a 10 episode reality TV documentary following the sideshow act InFernal Firegrind Circus.

M. Sublett, President and CEO of Massev Productions, signed with Guillermo Sanchez, CEO of Will Superior LLC and Founder of IGUKC, the label Firegrind Circus operates under. Sublett said “Though I can’t disclose too much concerning the project, feedback from a limited release promotional video was mostly positive. I feel this project will be a complete success as it brings to light the journey and struggles of those in the underground entertainment industry and the strong, intelligent and creative minds of said performers.” Filming is expected to begin on the first episode by 1 October, 2020. Pre-production is expected mid-September following a casting call for additional members of the group. The deal was negotiated between Will Superior LLC and Massev Productions with their respective CEO’s representing themselves.

Massev Productions/Twizted Lens Media


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