Razorwire Halo

When Bill Alexandar asked me to check out his bands show, I really didn’t know what to expect. I get that request from multiple bands, multiple times a week. Most, I put on my calendar and if things sync up, I go. Sometimes I review the show, but most times I just enjoy the music. I agreed because I’ve run into Bill multiple times at various shows at the Granada. When I met him, I was reviewing The Victor Wooten Trio, and Bill was attending, wearing a Troglodyte tee shirt. We had several conversations about various groups we like, and even touch on the theory used by some of our musical heroes. So, here I was. At The Granada, on a Friday, to review Razorwire Halo.

RWH has the most unique stage show I’ve ever seen. Imagine this, they play behind transparent screens while images and lights are projected adding to the ambiance of the song. Behind them, another screen also projecting video, lights and other effects, giving an illusion of a 3 dimensional world created by the musicians. The audience loved it.

Each song flowed seamlessly into the other as the band told their story. Rock, industrial, (was that funk I heard?) and even science fiction littered the lyrics and riffs coming from the stage, permeating the very being of each fan. The response was beyond what I’ve experienced with an opening act. In fact, these guys could very well have held their own as the headliner.

Tak Kitara’s vocals were piercing, tragic, a melodic lullaby of ethereal bliss. Darrell Trussell and Clancy Leakey’s guitars brought raw, gritty and addictive riffs that married perfectly with Skylar Kitara’s bass and Bill Alexander's drums. Drew Greer's visuals, adding the lights and images on the screens, added to the otherwise perfect story telling of the show. From Away to Parasites, this band kept my attention

The audience responded more than favorably. They cheered, and sang along from one number to the next. The dance between act and spectator was flawless. To say the interaction from the band was great would be an understatement. The audience was not just a crowd of spectators, they were part of the show. The embrace was unlike anything I’ve seen. It was more than beautiful, it was borderline divine.

It is not uncommon for an opening act to ‘wow’ me. It is, however, rare for a band to leave such an impression on me that I take such an interest in following their careers. RWH did just that. Not only am I honored to have seen them, I am excited to see where they are going. You should be too.

Editors Note: i did get to interview the band, and that write up will come soon. Stay tuned!

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