The Birthday Massacre at the Granada

The Birthday Massacre made a stop in Lawrence on their North American Tour in support of their upcoming album Under Your Spell.

The music was flawless, a perfect blend of euphoric darkness and dirty pretty distortion. Chibis voice subtly dominated the cheers of adoration from their audience. As she serenaded the crowd she paced the stage taking the hand of each person reaching out to her, making the show much more personal and intimate to those attending.

Chibi’s vocals, paired with Rainbow and Falcores guitars and Nate Manors bass displayed a stage presence matched by very few live bands. Rhim and Owen infused an addictive rhythm that is truly the heartbeat and backbone of the retro/goth/rock sound the band has perfected.

They opened with the song, One and closed with Broken, their third Encore. With every song, as Chibi sang, the audience sang every word with her. The interaction and partnership between band and fan was phenomenal, but not at all surprising. The group has a reputation of being a crowd centered live band. They fully live up to it.

I spoke to several members of the audience after the show. Their song favorites were Looking Glass, Destroyer, Happy Birthday, Pins and Needles, Video Kid, and In The Dark, and were elated to hear their favorite band play them live.

One fan, Rich, made the trek from Des Moines, Iowa to Lawrence just to hear TBM live for the first time.

“The show was absolutely amazing tonight”, he said “I never had a chance to see them before in concert, and I’ve been listening to their CD’s for a decade. This was beyond my expectations”

He went on to say “I wish I could sit with her (Chibi) and ask about the meanings of her lyrics. What was she thinking and feeling when she wrote them. It’s obvious when she sings them she feels them. It’s quite beautiful really.”

The Birthday Massacre’s latest album, Under Your Spell, will drop June 9th. Make sure you pick up a copy and catch a show. You will not be disappointed.

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