Sumo Cyco brings Delicious Chaos to the Granada

Sumo Cyco is an independent punk metal band out of Toronto. The band performed at the Granada in support of their album Opus Mar and was the opening act for The Birthday Massacre

From Sleep Tight to Fighter the intense energy the band brought was unmatched by any performer I have seen since. Vocalist Skye Sweetnam’s stage presence was prominent throughout the show. The audience interaction was phenomenal as she took the crowd on this ride of beautiful chaos through the set. Throughout the show it was not uncommon to find her on the floor with her fans, bringing them into the world of the performer and was even riding the shoulders of Guitarist Matt “MD13” Drake among the fans.

Their music was catchy, intense, and memorable. The guitar was offensively perfect. The Bass and Drums took the listener through this rhythmic metal adventure with the vocals and trapped them in a nirvana of metal core goodness.

After the Show Matt Drake and Skye Sweetnam were found at the merch table talking to their fans. Another rarity in today’s music. It was refreshing to see the group engaging and laughing with their fans after their performance.

Sumo Cyco continues to tour with the Birthday Massacre. If you missed this show you need to catch the next. Also, check out their album Opus Mar. I guarantee you will not regret it! Personally, I can't wait to see them again outside of reviewing their music...being a fan in the audience of a Sumo Cyco show just looks too damn fun to pass up.

Editors Note: The only things I did not like about the experience:

1. I was late (But you guys expect that of me by now

2. the only shots I was able to get were from my phone. Ill get better shots next time guys!

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