New Found Glory - The Granada

New Found Glory played a sold-out show at the Granada Theater, In Lawrence, in support of their 20th anniversary tour. 20 years, that’s a long time. But for this Pop-Punk band, it seemed to fly by. Giving all credit to their fans, and playing a blistering 2-hour set, they once again left their mark on the lovers of their music, and created new fans in the process.

To tell you how this normally works, an average show at the Granada goes something like this:

Opener plays. Opener leaves. Audience moves to the Bar and outside to smoke and socialize. Audience returns to the floor for next act. Rinse, repeat. Nearly every show I’ve been to at the Granada follows that formula, but this one.

Once Trash Boat left the stage, the audience did not budge. Each member watching the breakdown and setup of the stage for the act they came to see. Between sets, when the sidewalk in front of the venue would be packed with concert goers smoking, and talking about the show they just saw, was now only populated by security, and a few stragglers trying to get in to the sold-out performance.

What was special about this night? What was so unique about this band that made people stick around, guarding their spots in the venue like centuries standing at the wall, protecting their beloved land? I was eager to find out. The audience, though standing their spaces, was kind, and giving to other fans. Letting them pass, or even letting them stand in their space to get the whole experience.

I took my place near stage right, and the show started. New Found Glory opened with Understatement, and the crowd erupted with cheers, and adoration. As the band played the audience sang along, jumping, dancing, and crowd surfing to the live music of their favorite group. The band seamlessly transitioned to All Down Hill From Here and the audience, again, exploded with cheers, and song.

New Found Glory has an intimate partnership with their audience. As Front Man Jordan Pundik​

sang, his arm reached out to the fans, as if it were some heavy metal blessing followed by baptism. Each song, from one to the next, seemed dedicated to those in attendance. When the band spoke of their 20 year career, the statement of “Look where we are” Included the fans. It was a true marriage of musician and listener, that weathered the ages.

This show was one of the best I’ve been to in some time. If you have never seen New Found Glory, catch them at one of their stops on this tour. You will not be disappointed.

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