Utopia’s Rapture-Poetry by Gilbert Hernandez

That grand majestic Oak- was she

who’s roots and branches transcended

the boundaries and confines of time

Her life’s pages threadbare, worn proof of a life well spent

She was simple and unpretentious

A naked light bulb illuminating every angle of a room

her life a map of wisdom from corners and miles traveled to soon

The Oak was quick with a smile and I’ll be seeing you soon

One could nestle within her branches and with her leaves she would comfort you

And the years and the seasons all true

Through bitter storms and tempest moons

She sometimes broke but never bent

The word- her bond a chain unbroken

Her lips her voice never far from a chorus of how great thou our

An observer not a participant of the frailty descending within the human heart

Living past rivals and loved ones long past

a diamond draped in a frayed shawl,

a precious coin whose luster was lost

The serpent came to visit

the axe man did too that day

each swing chopping another branch

neatly stacked in a one hundred and three pound heap

Such a look of contentment

no malice or anger misplaced

how different the forest with the oak displaced

gh 10/24/16

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