The Centurion’s Homecoming - Poetry

Homer-penned his Odyssey bestowing life, damnation and wanderlust into Ulysses

Through his many travels, destiny beckoned this warrior home

We gather together separately,

alone by design or-conquers command?

Solitary winds wail, specters seek shelter

the only thing that separates us is the cold Missouri wind.

We- the forgotten huddle by campfires for one

void of warmth-reflection-peace

Self- imposed

life’s sentence

We roar like Lions yet quiver like quails

Are we both wardens and inmates of our own prisons?

Defend your position

Bare those burdens

Disregard the


A bruise’s saving grace is that it turns a pleasant pastel yellow before taking its place in the

color wheel or your life

Why is it that we curse the shadows while searching through

the ashes of a long ago extinguished fire?

I have come to discover, the odyssey like the abyss lay not where you seek them-

but where you find them.

This labyrinth of discovery is not the journey’s end

but a long winter’s torment, a frozen sabbatical with spring on the horizon

along with its prize

Alas, a new beginning.

gh-3-9-17- for us all #011

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