Tech N9ne owned the night of January 20th, 2017 at the Granada

Line outside the Tech N9ne show Granada Lawrence

When I arrived at the venue the line was two blocks long. I passed the time talking to some of the fans about the show. I confessed that I had never seen Tech N9ne live before, and wanted to know what made him unique. One man said “There’s a lot of hype on stage, but that hype isn’t about him, he makes it about us.” One couple said “We’ve been coming to his shows for years. He doesn’t treat us like fans. We are family. He is one of us. We are heading to Springfield tomorrow to see him there”. Another told me “Tech is known globally, but he is from here. He goes out around KC a lot so we all have those ‘the day I met Tech N9ne days’” Other fans I spoke to shared the same sentiment. I’ve also never seen a turn out like this for an artist. Long lines, yes, but the patience and tenacity people had while waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite artist was intriguing. I’ve been to may a sold-out show, but this was different.

When Tech N9ne took the stage the Granada roared. From one song to the next the audience sang, rapped, and danced along with Tech. Am I Psycho brought out cheers and shouts of adoration. When KCMO Anthem started, Tech had the audience chanting the hook along with him, each person feeling that home town pride invoked by the song. Kriz Kaliko joined him on stage as well, making the performance that much more, for every fan.

The sound, lights, and beats were top notch, but it’s to be expected at a Tech show. His interaction with the crowd more than lived up to expectations. He truly treats them like friends from the block.

Tech N9ne and Strange Music put on a flawless show. The multi genre hip hop acts not only showed the diverse talent that makes Strange Music, but it also serves as the very answer todays hip-hop fans have been asking for. New, Fresh, and Real. If you are a fan of ANY music, do yourself a favor and see Tech N9ne.

Editors Note: Sorry for the poor quality pictures. Sadly I only had my phone!

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