Knox Hamilton and Kongos at the Granada

When I review a show, I have rules I follow. For example, I cannot review a show of a band that I have seen live outside of Massev Productions. The reason behind that is I feel I whatever experience I had at the previous show would contaminate my review. This guarantees a fresh view of all acts I go to review. In other words, I am just like any of you who are first timers to any group you happen to see live.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

On December 7th I returned to The Granada to see Konx Hamilton and Kongos Presented by X105.1 . The fans described both groups as “Amazing”, “Unique”, “Eclectic”, and so forth. I was guaranteed to be impressed with both groups. Knox Hamilton was first up.

When Knox Hamilton started their set it the crowd was hooked instantly. I must admit, so was I. This indie-alternative group coming out of Little Rock. Arkansas kept the crowd hopping and singing through their entire set. When the band performed “Work It Out”, an obvious crowd favorite, the Granada erupted with cheers and singing. The groups interaction with the fans was intimate and beautiful. The band played, the fans cheered, and sang. When the lead singer spoke to the crowd it seemed like old friends catching up after a long absence from one another. I instantly loved this band. When the set was over I caught up with Boots Copeland. We discussed influence and his work as a locksmith prior to the formation of the group. He also said, though they had been touring for some time, crowds like the one at the Granada made it more than worth it. I then watched, from the background, as these men greeted each fan with smiles, laughs, and handshakes showing genuine appreciation for each patron.

Kongos was a bit of a different story. I did enjoy their music. Their style is catchy, and addictive.. They played a flawless set from beginning to end. The high point of this group is there didn’t seem to be a designation within the band. Everyone played everything and everyone sang. The only exception was the drummer, who kept a perfect rhythm throughout the show. They even have an accordion player! The down fall to the show: there wasn’t a lot of interaction with the audience and the band seemed like they did not want to be there. Fearing this was simply a bad, or even wrong impression on my part I took to the crowd and asked their opinions. One woman made the same observation, stating they seemed off their game. Another was turned off when she realized there was no meet and greet and found

pre-autographed merchandise at the table. Still, another fan said he felt the band was turned off by the small audience at the show. Another fan stated she saw the group last summer at Kansas City Power and Light. She said the group seemed more into the show and the audience then, and was probably having an “off” night. Whatever the reason, and despite the flawless set, the group failed to make the connection with their fans and left some disappointed.

The Granada, once again, came through with a very friendly and professional staff showing a genuine interest in each patron. The venue was perfect for this show and I look forward to reviewing many more.

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